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Nyhavn is typically Danish. For 450 years the small town of Copenhagen did not extend its borders until in 1617, King Christian the Fourth established Christianshavn thus extending the town’s framework. The development of the old capital city began and in 1671 King Christian Fifth started the excavation of the “New Harbour”.

Since that time the artificial canal for more than 300 years has been the framework of a pulsating life. Public houses, merriment and ‘generous’ women have always been Nyhavn’s character and throughout the years the harbour’s picturesque houses have been the home of world renowned artists like H C Andersen, who once lived in number 67, and several ballet artists and poets.


Looking down Nyhavn one can be reminded of H G F Holms meticulous water colours. The artist lived in number 55, he was named ‘Fattigholm’ (‘Poor Holm’). He died in 1861, and like many other artists became famous after his death. His paintings of streets and houses in Copenhagen are exhibited in museums and are acquired for huge amounts of money.


‘Poor Holm’ and other artists of the time visited the confectioner that was located on Store Strandstraede. Hans Christian Andersen, who in his lifetime was famed as a fairytale writer, also visited the confectioner. H C Andersen is probably the most famous of all Danes for his writing talent.


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